Ruido Fest 2016

Ruido Fest 2016 had amazing music and great food. For me the great story of the festival was the Latino Youth who came out to celebrate the culture we created. Most of the bands on the bill are not on main stream radio but they all have followings that are as strong as any mainstream Latin musician. People came from all corners of the United States and Latin America to congregate in Chicago for 3 beautiful days. The magnitude of Ruido Fest hit me mid Day 2 during Gondwanas (Chilean Reggae band) set. The feeling still hasn't left me. My purpose in this world is to spread love through music and art. This past weekend solidified this for me. It has been ingrained in me that because I don't make money off of something it lacks value. I will argue that my experience is more valuable than any paycheck. We are not meant to pay bills and die. As humans it is important that we connect with like minded individuals through travel and conversation.

Without the music there is no festival. Ruido Fest is a celebration of underground Latin music. The bands represented many countries from Latin America. Bands came from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, and many other countries. There were a lot of Chicago bands in the mix as well. The weekend featured performances from Killer Moon, Kelroy, Rai, Helado Negro, Divino Nino, and You Are Here. All these Chicago bands represented Chicago to the fullest. For such a star studded Chicago music festival to feature local Chicago bands was amazing. All of these musicians have been on the scene for a number of years and are getting the recognition they deserve.

Some of the biggest acts in Latin alternative (music not on mainstream radio) performed such as Carla Morrison, Yokozuna, Los Pericos, Cuca, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Maldita Vecindad, Gondwana, Los Cafres, Silverio, Panteon Rococo, and Natalia LaFourcade. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs drew the biggest crowd of the weekend. The park was bustling with anticipation for these guys to perform. They did not disappoint. For people of color it is important that we acknowledge our culture and the people creating the art.

Cutz on Cuts: Reunion Show 06/30/2016

Cutz on Cuts (DJ Moppy, Shazam Bangles, and Rice the sound transmitter) hosted a reunion show on Thursday, June 30th at the Double Door. The night started out with open tables for scratching and mixing. This portion of the evening was led by Eric Gupana. He is one of the best scratchers in Chicago. He is one of three members of CTA (Chicago Turntablist Authority). The group consists of DJ J. Marz , DJ Toltech, and DJ RTST. These guys are on the cutting edge of mixing and scratching. 

Following the open table table session DJ Tim Zawada warmed up the crowd for Rich Jones( Chicago Emcee) and ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat . He is one of the best DJs in Chicago. He is a member of the Boogie Munsters and founder of Star Creature Universal Vibrations. A Chicago record label that releases some the best music you've never heard.  His set was flawless unbelievable transitions and song selection.  If you have never seen him perform your really cheating yourself.

Rich Jones hopped on the microphone while Krush Love Dropped the beat. He performed a set of raw Chicago Hip Hop. Nothing compares to the feeling of discovering a raw Chicago emcee. Rich Jones is on the rise be on the look out for this dope Chicago emcee.

The crowd was nice and warmed up for ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat. This group was voted the best band by the Chicago Reader. They are a versatile 10+ piece band. Their influences range from Dance Hall, Reggae. Cumbia, Salsa, Rock, and Hip Hop. They are the perfect band in my opinion. A lot of people in Chicago who would agree with me. Their performance was nothing short of amazing. I have seen them on multiple occasions and I look forward to seeing them perform again. 

Overall the night was perfect for a music lover like myself. My favorite DJs and band all in one spot. From the pulsating afro-cuban rhythms of ESSO to the flawless set of Tim Zawada and the technically perfect scratching of DJ Toltech. I am very tired but it was well worth it.

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado 

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado

Photo by: Joslyn Alvarado

Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. IV

Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. IV went off without a hitch on Wednesday, June 29th at the East Room Chicago. This event would not have been possible without the help of Billy, Tylor. and Karol. Wednesday nights are night usually a crazy night but the party was going all night. DJ Uhlean and DJ Skoli set the tone for the evening by playing modern day Hip Hop classics that got the crowd moving. These DJs really know how to rock a crowd. 

We had a female driven lineup this time around. The line up featured Chicago emcees Milly Mango, Brittany Nacole, Red Bella, Megiapa, and vocalist Joslyn-Marie. We followed up the female emcees with Lester Rey a Chicago Boogaloo artist. The mixture of music worked well together. The crowd was rocking with all the artists. 

The night also featured live art from Frank Magos, Mario Mena, Gerry Holiday, Keef Mecca, and Alberto Abarca. All these artists added a sophisticated layer to the evening with the amazing art work they produced last night. A big thanks to Frank Magos for bringing such amazing artists together

The vendors also made the night memorable. Our official sponsors Rise Revolt and Enotita held us down the whole evening. Without their continuous support this event would not have been possible. Thank you to everybody who came out and we look forward to seeing you in August.

Photo Credits: Daniel Martinez

Divino Nino

Divino Nino a Chicago based rock band whose roots begin in Bogota, Colombia when Camilo Medina and Javier Forero met as children. They continued there music relationship in Miami, Florida and continues in Chicago with two albums under their belts. Divino Nino released "Pool Jealousy" on April 2014. Divino Ninos second release was "Dark Ballads" a two song EP that was released in July 2015. Their latest LP was released in May 2016 "The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes" is a mixture of psychedelic blues and R&B. You can hear their latin music influences on a couple of tracks as well. These guys were kind enough to let me sit in on their rehearsal and do an interview with me on behalf of We talked about moms at their shows, Ruido Fest, and their latest video for "Velvet Legs".  


Divino Nino:

Camilo Medina - Guitar/ Vocals, Guillermo Rodriguez- Guitar/ Vocals, Javier Forero - Bass/ Vocals Pierce Codina - Drums

Me: Pierce how long have you been playing drums?

Pierce Codina: 15 years

Me: Camilo which vocalists have influenced you over the years? I hear a David Bowie style to your singing?

Camilo Medina: David Bowie is someone I try to sound like intentionally but technically I'd love to sing like Marvin Gaye. He's my hero but I can't sound like him.

Me: Guillermo how long have you been playing guitar?

Guillermo Rodriguez: I never considered myself a guitar player.

Me: Camilo you and Javier met in Bogota, Columbia?

Camilo Medina: Javier and I met in Columbia at the elementary school. I didn't see him for a while and coincidentally we met in Miami, Florida. We started playing music ever since.

Me: Do you guys like Hispanic music as well??

Guillermo Rodriguez: I have been listening to a lot of Mambo.

Camilo Medina: There are certain people I like individually. I really enjoy the Peru garage scene for example a band like Los Holys.

Javier Forero: We like this singer from the 1960's Leo Dan. He's always sad.

Pierce Codina: Some of the first drum parts I learned were from the band Molotov.

Me: Where does Divino Nino fit in in the Chicago music scene?

Camilo Medina: We don't know.

Javier Forero: We're kind of hybrids in the Chicago music scene.

Me: You guys sing in English and in Spanish. Your not necessarily going for just the Spanish rock crowd.

Javier Forero: Any one who likes good music will like us.

Camilo Medina: Latina moms were coming to our shows by themselves. It was kinda funny they really enjoyed our music.

Me: I listened to your latest LP The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes. I really enjoyed the LP. Listening to you practice I got a very psychedelic vibe.  You guys use a lot of simple tonal effects such as reverb. What inspired this?

Javier Forero: We try to imitate a lot of old song writers. For example on "Imagine" John Lennon used a delay on his vocals.

Camilo Medina: We hear something on a record and we just try to replicate it live. Recently I've been thinking about exploring different sounds. The guys from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard those guys have some funky sounds. Also we don't have a synth player right now.

Javier Foreo: We have a lot of synthesizer on the record and we have a synth player for Ruido Fest. We also have a reel to reel tape machine because we tripped on mushrooms and realized that all our favorite records were recorded this way.

Me: You guys recorded your last record all analog?

Javier Forero: We're hybrids in that way we record half digitally and half analog with the tape machine.

Me: You guys are shooting a new video correct?

Camilo Medina: "Violet Legs" my girlfriends old room mates ex boyfriend is shooting it for us. Were not totally sure on the concept but they put Violet leggings on us. There's a girl and all she sees is our legs. It's going to be awesome the guys from Veleska Films are great.

Javier Forero: They are using top of the line equipment for the video.

Me: How are people finding your music (Vinyl, Spotify, YouTube, and Cassete)?

Camilo Medina: YouTube and Spotify have been very successful for us. Vinyl is good for live for live shows and when we need money.

Pierce Codina: Spotify is random because you don't know who is listening to you and where. Vinyl records are tangible because you see the persons face when they buy it from you.

Javier Forero: The head data scientists for Spotify liked our music and hooked us up randomly. He put us in the fresh finds section. We got 30,000 plays in 24 hours.

Me: Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Ruido Fest?

Camilo Medina: Helado Negro we've seen him in Chicago before he's a good guy.

Me: How will you guys represent Chicago at Ruido Fest?

Javier Forero: Chicago has a lot of different music scenes and I feel like we fall into the category of being ourselves. We want to represent Chicago at Ruido Fest by being ourselves and playing our brand of garage rock.

Me: Thank you for sitting down with me I really appreciate you guys taking the the time.

Divino Nino: Your welcome.

I can't thank the guys from Divino Nino enough for allowing me to sit in on there rehearsal and and an interview. Our adventure continued as we headed to the video shoot.

Camilo and I arrived before the other guys. The actress and film crew were ready to go. The high quality and organization was really amazing. As the rest of the guys came in they began to practice there synchronized leg movements with the leggings on. The night continued on business as usual. Again thank you to Divino Nino, Jeremy Freedberg, and Veleska Films for there time.

Photo Credit: Daniel Martinez




AMFM Mag Jazz series May 13th

On May 13th AMFM Mag held there monthly Jazz series at La Cultura in Pilsen. It was a wet night and we weren't sure what to expect as far as a crowd. It was an unbelievable evening with performances by Just Chris, Chai Tulani, Sharmon Jarmon, and Liv Roskos. AMFM Mag has been so kind to us over the last year and a half without there support we would not be where we are. We are looking forward to more collaborations with AMFM Mag. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Photo Credit: Daniel Martinez

Los Malos Takeover

Los Malos held an event on 4/23/2016 called Los Malos Take over at The Black Couch Studio. The night featured a lot of amazing acts. The night featured performances from ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat, Lester Rey, Rai, Media Luna, Subale, The Peachtree, and Louie Mendez. All the acts were amazing but the stand out act of the night was definitely ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat. They performed a blazing set of fusion rock, funk, and cumbia. 

It was an amazing night of music, tacos, vendors, drinks, and DJs. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Martinez

Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. III

On Wednesday April 27th The Life Project Chicago collaborated with Loud Arts (A collective of Chicago artists) for Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. III at the East Room (Chicago Venue/ Lounge) . The night featured performances from Muten Blvck, Red Bella, Be.Water, MFN Melo, Sun BLVD, Louie Mendez, Ace DaVinci, Thy Neighbors, and The Hazy Drips. The night also featured live art from Frank Magos, Yung Sailormoon, Alex Valdez, Afro Killa, and Bel 2.

We did not know what to expect from the night. It had been raining all day and there was lazy feeling to the day. We were blown away by the support and love from the crowd. There were a lot of people who stepped up and made the night amazing. First we have to thank Billy the general manager of the East Room. He was very accommodating and was constantly checking to see if we needed any help with anything. The bartenders had great customer service. East Room is a great place to host an event.

We were having some minor difficulties early on in the night with the sound board. Quote Verbs a member of Slumpgang 777 and a friend of The Life Project Chicago saved the evening by taking over the sound board for a bit. He is an amazing sound engineer and is a person you should hire for all your sound needs.

Loud Arts (A collective of Chicago artists) really came through by organizing the live artists in the venue so everyone could see the amazing work that was being created. They are an amazing organization to work along side of. 

We have to thank DJ Skoli for stepping up by not only DJing for Sun BLVD. He also helped us out majorly by providing sounds for Louie Mendez and Ace DaVinci. DJ Skoli is a top notch DJ and good dude. Without him the middle portion of the night would have not been possible. 

Finally thank you to all the performers!!! Without you there is no show. 


Heart of the City show 4/8/2016

Heart of the City TV hosted a show Friday night with performances from GLC, Saba Pivot, The A.S.A. Project, L.A. VanGogh, MFn Melo, Trell Love, and Dani Isaily. All the artists were amazing but the highlight of the night was definitely GLC performing solo music and his verses from his Kanye West Collaborations. Dani Isaily performed an unbelievable set of of soulful R&B. She had an amazing voice. The A.S.A Project showed up as usual to perform an amazing set of high BPM Hip Hop. There brand of Hip Hop is unlike anything I have ever heard before.  L.A. VanGogh a multi talented individual. He spits some of the hottest verses but he can also sing. He is an artists worth keeping an eye out for. If GLC wasn't there to steal the show Saba Pivot would have been the best part with his performance of GPS. It is one of my favorite songs right now. Saba Pivot is a true craftsman in Hip Hop.

In Chicago we are at a crossroads in music that has not been seen for sometime. With people like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and Saba Pivot being seen on a worldwide stage there's no telling who the next artist to explode will be. This website is a platform to expose the audience to new artists, organizations, and businesses that are trying to make a difference. The minute I started to talk to the Heart of the City TV team I can tell these cats were the real deal. They were confident not cocky. This is very important because it allows them to maintain relationships with artists as they become more successful. The Message of the night was Love. Love for the city and people.

I was very impressed with the show all around. Not that it matters what I think. This was an amazing night of music and people. As artists we all must remember that people are the most important part of what we do. 

RiseRevolt x Enotita: Website Launch Party

RiseRevolt and  Enotita held there website launch party at The Black Couch (a local Chicago art studio) Saturday April 2nd. There were a lot of amazing local artists and businesses that setup shop at the event. Naked Cupcake, VEHEMENT Brewing Co., and The Rite Lights were local businesses that really stood out to me. VEHEMENT Brewing Co. had amazing beer I can't even describe how good the beer was because you have to try it yourself to find out.

After downing a couple of beers I was ready to hear some amazing local music. The line up for the evening was Louie Mendez, Subele, Vagabond Maurice with special guest Kariu the Gameboy, JXL, and The A.S.A. Project.  Louie Mendez kicked things off with Subele as his backup band. Louie Mendez with a live band is always dope. After Louie it was just a Subele set. Subele is an amazing band out of Little Village (a hispanic neighborhood out of Chicago). The band performed an amazing set of dance music. Vagabond Maurice and Kariu the Gameboy tore it down. The crowd didn't even know what hit them. They performed to a packed house of bass heads. JXL followed them with an energetic set of Real Chicago Hip Hop. The A.S.A. Project ended the night with there brand of Pop Hop. The A.S.A. Project are a hybrid group because of there radio friendly lyrics with high BPM instrumentals. They are an amazing group out of Chicago.

RiseRevolt and Enotita are about collaboration. This event had fashion, live art, cupcakes, craft beer, and amazing music. 

Who the Fuck is Chris Spencer? Live @ The Whistler

Chris Crack (Chicago Emcee) and Vic Spencer (Chicago Emcee) came together at The Whistler to perform songs off of there critically acclaimed LP "Who the Fuck is Chris Spencer".  Chris Crack and Vic Spencer have had lots of Solo success. This collaboration really put them over the top nationally. The album was featured in many top music publications.

The show was amazing. Halfway through there set The Whistler was at capacity. For good reason the two emcees performed a high energy lyrical set. I expected nothing less having seen Chris perform solo. There personalities and styles really complimented each other. For me it's also about how you approach the fans after a set. They were very approachable and nice to there fans.

Chicago needs more emcees like Chris Crack and Vic Spencer. They don't play the political games that happen in the Chicago Hip Hop scene. They are getting a lot of attention because of there music and not who they know. That is refreshing in an era of image over content. 

Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. II

We hosted Our second volume of Hip Hop x Kung Fu on February 20th, 2016 at Nitecap Coffee Bar. The Night featured performances from Cartier Martinez, Rhello, L.A. VanGogh, The ASA Project, Jezi, Be.Water, Sage the 64th Wonder, Vagabond Maurice, and Freshly Baked. Private Stock Studios, Rise Revolt Clothing, and Enotita showed us mad love as well. The night was a huge success.



SXSW 2016


I am sitting in the airport in Austin, TX. reflecting on the adventures at SXSW over the last five days. The weekend was filled with Oddish Leaf, great music, lots of walking, shitty weather, and a long ass drive from Chicago to Austin.

The Road 03/15/2016 – 03/16/2016

The Road trip began Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. We definitely chose the wrong time to leave Chicago. About 3 hours into the trip Be.Water (Chicago Emcee), Vagabond Maurice (Chicago Emcee), and we ran into tornado sirens as we were driving on 57 South near Kankakee. The sky was as dark as it could get. I freaked out bad because there was nowhere to go if a tornado touched down we were sitting ducks in a pond. With great concentration Vagabond Maurice and Be.Water got us out harm’s way. Our journey continued with great weather all through Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. We were driving past Dallas around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday when we decided to stop at a WhataBurger. WhataBurger is a great fast food spot in Texas. We arrived at our destination Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. After a 17 hour drive we were beat. Overall, I could have not asked for a better drive in.


Thursday 03/17/2016

The day had arrived to hit SXSW. We had some homies in town out of Private Stock Studios at Bat Bar on 6th St. L.A. VanGogh (Chicago Emcee) hit the stage at 2:30 p.m. for the AEMMP Chicago showcase. AEMMP is a Chicago record label run by students at Columbia College. L.A. VanGogh represented Chicago to the fullest. After the set we walked around 6th St. to catch the vibe of the people.

The street was packed with like minded individuals ready to get fucked up, battle, network, and get high on music. We walked off the beaten path with an appetite for destruction. We stopped at Sputniks a local burger spot. Before we walked in Be.Water was approached to battle. The beats were whack and the rhymes were whack by this cat so we continued our way inside. We sat down at the bar ordered some drinks and burgers. There was a dive bar feel to the place. It seemed like a spot locals would go to. The food was delicious and the service was great. Our appetite for destruction was gone.

We walked around 6th st. a little bit longer and we made our way back to home base around 9:00 p.m.


Friday 03/18/2016

SXSW Friday was beautiful. It was a great day of record stores, shows, and photography.

I went to Exploded Records at Juice Land at noon. DUBLAB (a non-profit online radio station out of Los Angeles, CA.) were broadcasting live out of the record store. I bought a 45 off of the Exploded Drawing Label. The record features music from Sound Founder, Kinder, LO PHI, and Sampler & Son. I spoke with the owner of Exploded Drawing Record Store Andrew Brown (Sound Founder). He told me about the Label, store, and the overall operations. I highly recommend anyone who likes Vinyl Records to stop in there. They have an awesome shop.

The next stop was Hope Outdoor Gallery after the record store. This park is like nothing I had ever seen. It is a giant hill with a castle at the top. Anyone could tag (spraypaint) anywhere in the park. There were beautiful Murals everywhere. It was probably the highlight of my trip. This is a spot that was revisited more than once.

We went to WaterLoo Records where they were having a festival in the record store parking lot. Mass Gothic (Sub Pop Records) performed a set of heavy garage Rock. It was a great spot for music and records. I read a lot of reviews of the place and I was not disappointed.


As my journey continued I walked back down 6th st. towards the Lit Lounge where there was a hip hop showcase that featured Micky Mundays and Jusalldrae. Micky Mundays recently released a video for his hit song “Bye Felicia”.


It was about 5:00 p.m. and I was waiting on the homies to find a parking spot so I randomly walk into a bar on 6th st. called the Trophy Club. There was a band performing there first gig. It was nice to hear something different from all the Hip Hop I had been listening to the majority of the trip so far.

Finally, Be.Water and Vagabond Maurice found parking. We met up and went back to The Hope Arts Gallery for a photo shoot. 

Saturday 03/19/2016

Saturday we split up Vagabond and Be.Water went to see Talib Kweli. Me and my cousin Marcel walked down 6th street caught a couple of bands. We were going to go back to The Hopes Art Gallery to create some art.

On our walk down 6th st. we stopped in Lit Lounge to see this Blues band jam. They were jamming like no other. We stuck around for 2 songs and continued our journey. Our walk led us to Little Woodrows where The Dead Ships (LA Rock trio) were performing. The Dead Ships are performing at Coachella 2016. They were a tight dynamic unit of sound. We caught the end of their set. I wish we could’ve heard more from them.

I was starting to get a little hungry. Marcel suggested Amys Ice Cream. It was definitely worth the stop.

After the ice cream we headed toward the park. Once we got there we went straight to the top of the hill to start painting. The day was looking like a waste because our spray paint cans were not working. Fortunately Marcel figured it out and we got straight to work. We headed back down the hill after an hour of painting. We ran into Be.Water and Vagabond Maurice at the bottom of the hill.

There was a couple of guys selling hats so we went to go check out there product. The clothing brand is called God Son. They were some cool cats out of Texas. They were super friendly guys just looking to connect with other musicians, artists, and people.

We eventually made our way back to the car. We were a little tired from the day thus far. So we wanted to rest our feet. We started talking about Skee Lo and Vagabond Maurice said, “Skee Lo has bars.” He defended his point by referencing the rest of the album.


 “SKEE LO has bars” – Vagabond Maurice


After talking about Skee Lo we headed to the Speak Easy Lounge for the Sol Collective Official SXSW showcase. I caught up with Deuce Eclipse. He is a Hispanic Hip Hop artist. He had great energy and stage presence.


After the showcase we headed to the Dweeb Squad House Party Vol. 3 where You Are Here (Chicago Band) were performing at. The party was off the hook with badass DJs. The party eventually came to an end for us and reality began to set in. SXSW was over physically but mentally we will continue connecting with like minded individuals looking to leave the world a better place than we left it.

Sunday 03/20/2016

Airport Adventure

I arrived at the air port at 4:00 p.m. I was feeling kind of hungry. So I stopped at the sports bar in the Airport. These two gentlemen asked if they could sit at the table. I said yes that’s fine. I started talking to one of the gentlemen and it was Lane Murchison of Bird Records (San Francisco). This was all very random so I decided to do a quick interview with him about his studio.

Me: What is the name of your Record Label?

LM: Bird Records

Me: How long have you wanted to start a Label?

LM: About two years ago. I have a music school called Bird School of Music. A lot of young artists start out taking music lessons. We want to support that by offering recording services to support our young students if they choose to continue with a career in music.

Me: What kind of business model do you run?

LM: I started it out as a charitable model. When a person records a record you’re going to sell what you’re to sell unless you’re a touring artist. A family member is the first one to buy the record especially if it’s tied to a charitable organization. We record these bands help brand them and these bands help a charitable cause.

For example, one of our young musicians recorded an EP and raised $2,000.00 that was donated to Childhood cancer research.

Me: What are the benefits of being a teacher at your school/ studio?

LM: The teachers who work at the school all have bands. Long term would be in exchange for teaching we would help promote that persons career. If that teacher went on tour they would be an ambassador for the Label.       

Me: What is your overall goal?

LM: In a perfect world help young musicians but also earn a living. I make money when I produce records. I basically want to do our part to help musicians.

Lane Murchison of Bird Records is a man trying to make a difference by providing a studio where students/ clients can raise money for a good cause and cut a quality record.

As my time ended with Lane Murchison I headed back to my terminal and I started to transcribe my notes from my SXSW experience. I had a ton of fun but I was ready to get home. After a couple of hours we started to board the plane. I sat in my seat and I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. He had a British Accent. I asked him if he performed at SXSW. It turns out he did. I did not realize I was speaking to Tim Malkin (Guitar Player) of Fizzy Blood (UK Rock Band). He told me how they partied a little to hard the first night and the drummer puked in a cab. He was forced to pay for the damage done.

As my story began at the airport this is where it ends. It was an unbelievable experience! What truly made this trip special was the people I met and saw perform.



Louisville x Chicago Connection

The Life Project Chicago ( In collaboration with Slumpgang 777) helped curate, and document a  series of shows to extend the reach of the Chicago Hip Hop scene.  The Life Project Chicago and Slumpgang 777 (Chicago Hip Hop Collective) traveled down to Louisville, Ky. on 1/16/2016 to perform at The Highlands Taproom. Kogan Dumb (Bird Zoo Collective) and friends traveled to Chicago on 1/23/2016 to perform at Cafe Mustache. While in Louisville, Ky. we were lucky enough to have DJ Empty Beats (Local Louisville DJ) open the show for us. The Louisville portion of the series would not have been possible without the help of Flying Nymbus half of Skai' Ku ( Chicago Emcee).

The shows featured performances by Sage the 64th Wonder, Be.Water, Vagabond Maurice, Skai' KuKogan Dumb (Louisville, Ky.), PlayCold (Louisville, Ky.), and Bonez (Louisville, Ky.).