Saba live from Lincoln Hall

On Friday 1/6/2017 Saba hosted his first show in Chicago since he released his project the Bucket List Project. The night featured DJ sets by Ambi Lyrics, Dam Dam, and Squeak Pivot. The night featured performances from Dinner with John, Joseph Chilliams, and MFN Melo. Ambi Lyrics kicked the night off by playing cllis songs such as "Knuck if you Buck". She is L.A. VanGoghs (Private Stock Artist) DJ. Hip Hop is such a boys club it was good to see female representation at this show. first and foremost she is a DJ and true representative of Chicagos Hip Hop culture. 

    She was followed by Dinner with John. Dinner kicked brought his brand of chillbeats and lyricism. He was a great starter because he got the crowd ready for #pivotgang. Squeak Pivot followed up with his DJ Set. He did a short up tempo set before MFN Melo hit the stage. MFN Melo was the first member of #Pivotgang to perform. He's a big guy with a lot of energy. He performed w/ Jameson Brenner on guitar. I love seeing emcees perform with live instrumentation. His crowd interaction really got the crowd behind him. MFN Melo is an emcee in Chicago to look out for. 

    Joseph Chilliams (Saba Pivots Brother) performed after Melo. Joseph has an interesting set. His set was a stand-up comedy and a hip hop show. He would introduce each song with a story. He had the crowd so captivated that you forgot that you were at a Hip Hop show. His confidence was inviting. He performed a verse from the song "Forever" off No Name Gypsys album Telefone. The crowd even sang the hook from the song.  Out of nowhere Supa Bwe of Hurt Everybody jumps on stage to perform they just recorded. Josephs set was amazing in itself. You almost couldn't believe that Saba was still performing. Dam Dam followed Josephs set with a VJ set to get the crowd pumped up for Saba. 

    Finally Saba hit the stage and he did not dissapoint. There was a feeling in the air that you were in a special place. I can compare it to if you were at Chance the Rappers Acid Rap show. The Bucket List Projet represents accomplising your goals without fear of failure. At one point in the show me and Ciera looked at each other and said "every song is our favorite song". He had a guest performance Smino and LEGIT for the song "World in my hands". He also took it back to Comfort Zone by performing "Time Zone" and " Butter". Those were crowd favorites as well. He put on a performance that I will never forget. To think it's only the first week of 2017 and I feel like I went to the best show of 2017. This show was a big deal for Chicago music. Saba is on the way to main stream success. To close out the show he performed "Westside Bound 3" with his brother Joseph Chilliams. The place erupted at this point. Pivot Gang was on stage going crazy. The best part was I experienced this show with my friend Ciera. This will be a night I will never forget.