Ruido Fest 2016

Ruido Fest 2016 had amazing music and great food. For me the great story of the festival was the Latino Youth who came out to celebrate the culture we created. Most of the bands on the bill are not on main stream radio but they all have followings that are as strong as any mainstream Latin musician. People came from all corners of the United States and Latin America to congregate in Chicago for 3 beautiful days. The magnitude of Ruido Fest hit me mid Day 2 during Gondwanas (Chilean Reggae band) set. The feeling still hasn't left me. My purpose in this world is to spread love through music and art. This past weekend solidified this for me. It has been ingrained in me that because I don't make money off of something it lacks value. I will argue that my experience is more valuable than any paycheck. We are not meant to pay bills and die. As humans it is important that we connect with like minded individuals through travel and conversation.

Without the music there is no festival. Ruido Fest is a celebration of underground Latin music. The bands represented many countries from Latin America. Bands came from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, and many other countries. There were a lot of Chicago bands in the mix as well. The weekend featured performances from Killer Moon, Kelroy, Rai, Helado Negro, Divino Nino, and You Are Here. All these Chicago bands represented Chicago to the fullest. For such a star studded Chicago music festival to feature local Chicago bands was amazing. All of these musicians have been on the scene for a number of years and are getting the recognition they deserve.

Some of the biggest acts in Latin alternative (music not on mainstream radio) performed such as Carla Morrison, Yokozuna, Los Pericos, Cuca, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Maldita Vecindad, Gondwana, Los Cafres, Silverio, Panteon Rococo, and Natalia LaFourcade. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs drew the biggest crowd of the weekend. The park was bustling with anticipation for these guys to perform. They did not disappoint. For people of color it is important that we acknowledge our culture and the people creating the art.