Divino Nino

Divino Nino a Chicago based rock band whose roots begin in Bogota, Colombia when Camilo Medina and Javier Forero met as children. They continued there music relationship in Miami, Florida and continues in Chicago with two albums under their belts. Divino Nino released "Pool Jealousy" on April 2014. Divino Ninos second release was "Dark Ballads" a two song EP that was released in July 2015. Their latest LP was released in May 2016 "The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes" is a mixture of psychedelic blues and R&B. You can hear their latin music influences on a couple of tracks as well. These guys were kind enough to let me sit in on their rehearsal and do an interview with me on behalf of Rockeros.net. We talked about moms at their shows, Ruido Fest, and their latest video for "Velvet Legs".  


Divino Nino:

Camilo Medina - Guitar/ Vocals, Guillermo Rodriguez- Guitar/ Vocals, Javier Forero - Bass/ Vocals Pierce Codina - Drums

Me: Pierce how long have you been playing drums?

Pierce Codina: 15 years

Me: Camilo which vocalists have influenced you over the years? I hear a David Bowie style to your singing?

Camilo Medina: David Bowie is someone I try to sound like intentionally but technically I'd love to sing like Marvin Gaye. He's my hero but I can't sound like him.

Me: Guillermo how long have you been playing guitar?

Guillermo Rodriguez: I never considered myself a guitar player.

Me: Camilo you and Javier met in Bogota, Columbia?

Camilo Medina: Javier and I met in Columbia at the elementary school. I didn't see him for a while and coincidentally we met in Miami, Florida. We started playing music ever since.

Me: Do you guys like Hispanic music as well??

Guillermo Rodriguez: I have been listening to a lot of Mambo.

Camilo Medina: There are certain people I like individually. I really enjoy the Peru garage scene for example a band like Los Holys.

Javier Forero: We like this singer from the 1960's Leo Dan. He's always sad.

Pierce Codina: Some of the first drum parts I learned were from the band Molotov.

Me: Where does Divino Nino fit in in the Chicago music scene?

Camilo Medina: We don't know.

Javier Forero: We're kind of hybrids in the Chicago music scene.

Me: You guys sing in English and in Spanish. Your not necessarily going for just the Spanish rock crowd.

Javier Forero: Any one who likes good music will like us.

Camilo Medina: Latina moms were coming to our shows by themselves. It was kinda funny they really enjoyed our music.

Me: I listened to your latest LP The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes. I really enjoyed the LP. Listening to you practice I got a very psychedelic vibe.  You guys use a lot of simple tonal effects such as reverb. What inspired this?

Javier Forero: We try to imitate a lot of old song writers. For example on "Imagine" John Lennon used a delay on his vocals.

Camilo Medina: We hear something on a record and we just try to replicate it live. Recently I've been thinking about exploring different sounds. The guys from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard those guys have some funky sounds. Also we don't have a synth player right now.

Javier Foreo: We have a lot of synthesizer on the record and we have a synth player for Ruido Fest. We also have a reel to reel tape machine because we tripped on mushrooms and realized that all our favorite records were recorded this way.

Me: You guys recorded your last record all analog?

Javier Forero: We're hybrids in that way we record half digitally and half analog with the tape machine.

Me: You guys are shooting a new video correct?

Camilo Medina: "Violet Legs" my girlfriends old room mates ex boyfriend is shooting it for us. Were not totally sure on the concept but they put Violet leggings on us. There's a girl and all she sees is our legs. It's going to be awesome the guys from Veleska Films are great.

Javier Forero: They are using top of the line equipment for the video.

Me: How are people finding your music (Vinyl, Spotify, YouTube, and Cassete)?

Camilo Medina: YouTube and Spotify have been very successful for us. Vinyl is good for live for live shows and when we need money.

Pierce Codina: Spotify is random because you don't know who is listening to you and where. Vinyl records are tangible because you see the persons face when they buy it from you.

Javier Forero: The head data scientists for Spotify liked our music and hooked us up randomly. He put us in the fresh finds section. We got 30,000 plays in 24 hours.

Me: Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Ruido Fest?

Camilo Medina: Helado Negro we've seen him in Chicago before he's a good guy.

Me: How will you guys represent Chicago at Ruido Fest?

Javier Forero: Chicago has a lot of different music scenes and I feel like we fall into the category of being ourselves. We want to represent Chicago at Ruido Fest by being ourselves and playing our brand of garage rock.

Me: Thank you for sitting down with me I really appreciate you guys taking the the time.

Divino Nino: Your welcome.

I can't thank the guys from Divino Nino enough for allowing me to sit in on there rehearsal and and an interview. Our adventure continued as we headed to the video shoot.

Camilo and I arrived before the other guys. The actress and film crew were ready to go. The high quality and organization was really amazing. As the rest of the guys came in they began to practice there synchronized leg movements with the leggings on. The night continued on business as usual. Again thank you to Divino Nino, Jeremy Freedberg, and Veleska Films for there time.

Photo Credit: Daniel Martinez