Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. III

On Wednesday April 27th The Life Project Chicago collaborated with Loud Arts (A collective of Chicago artists) for Hip Hop x Kung Fu Vol. III at the East Room (Chicago Venue/ Lounge) . The night featured performances from Muten Blvck, Red Bella, Be.Water, MFN Melo, Sun BLVD, Louie Mendez, Ace DaVinci, Thy Neighbors, and The Hazy Drips. The night also featured live art from Frank Magos, Yung Sailormoon, Alex Valdez, Afro Killa, and Bel 2.

We did not know what to expect from the night. It had been raining all day and there was lazy feeling to the day. We were blown away by the support and love from the crowd. There were a lot of people who stepped up and made the night amazing. First we have to thank Billy the general manager of the East Room. He was very accommodating and was constantly checking to see if we needed any help with anything. The bartenders had great customer service. East Room is a great place to host an event.

We were having some minor difficulties early on in the night with the sound board. Quote Verbs a member of Slumpgang 777 and a friend of The Life Project Chicago saved the evening by taking over the sound board for a bit. He is an amazing sound engineer and is a person you should hire for all your sound needs.

Loud Arts (A collective of Chicago artists) really came through by organizing the live artists in the venue so everyone could see the amazing work that was being created. They are an amazing organization to work along side of. 

We have to thank DJ Skoli for stepping up by not only DJing for Sun BLVD. He also helped us out majorly by providing sounds for Louie Mendez and Ace DaVinci. DJ Skoli is a top notch DJ and good dude. Without him the middle portion of the night would have not been possible. 

Finally thank you to all the performers!!! Without you there is no show.