Who the Fuck is Chris Spencer? Live @ The Whistler

Chris Crack (Chicago Emcee) and Vic Spencer (Chicago Emcee) came together at The Whistler to perform songs off of there critically acclaimed LP "Who the Fuck is Chris Spencer".  Chris Crack and Vic Spencer have had lots of Solo success. This collaboration really put them over the top nationally. The album was featured in many top music publications.

The show was amazing. Halfway through there set The Whistler was at capacity. For good reason the two emcees performed a high energy lyrical set. I expected nothing less having seen Chris perform solo. There personalities and styles really complimented each other. For me it's also about how you approach the fans after a set. They were very approachable and nice to there fans.

Chicago needs more emcees like Chris Crack and Vic Spencer. They don't play the political games that happen in the Chicago Hip Hop scene. They are getting a lot of attention because of there music and not who they know. That is refreshing in an era of image over content.