Daniel Martinez , founder of The Life Project Chicago,  is a photographer, videographer, guitarist and promoter. He has hosted events as well as performed at numerous venues across Chicago. Martinez has done photography and videography for  The ASA Project, AMFM Magazine,  Stix (drummer of Chance the Rapper), Lester Rey, Rich JOnes, AAHH Fest, Attack the Sound, Sharmon Jarmon, Joslyn Marie, Saba Pivot, and 

His passion for music and art has been present since the mid-80's when he first heard Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money on MTV.  As a teenager Martinez was heavily influenced by hip hop artists from the 90's such as Jay-Z, DMX and OutKast amongst others. Many of his early memories involve playing basketball and listening to classic 90's hip hop albums.

Martinez graduated from Joliet Junior College and Eastern Illinois University in 2010. After college he moved from Joliet to Chicago to pursue a career in education. While working in the education field Martinez co-founded the band Amateur Hour with drummer Jose Romero. Together they started a musical adventure in which they experienced street performing in New Orleans and performing in venues across Austin, Texas in 2014. While playing guitar in Amateur Hour Martinez helped produce three short films.


While in the band Martinez began collecting vinyl records. Today he continues his passion of collecting the best music he can find on wax. Not only does he love the format but he also enjoys the experience of listening to a record front to back. "Listening to an LP has become a lost art", says Martinez. 

In 2017, Martinez plans to continue working with AMFM Magazine. He hopes to continue producing short films and working on his photography while bringing artists together. The mission of The Life Project Chicago is to bring joy through music and art.